Programming as Writing

Project URLs Writing as Metadata General Google Doc
Week Title Author Year Link
2 "Introduction" (Chosen by Laurel)
Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany in conversation at MIT media in translation 1998
My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be? Laurel Schwulst 2018
3 "Hypertext" (Chosen by Bryant)
afternoon, a story Michael Joyce 1990 (emailed)
The Rejection of Closure Lyn Hejinian 1983
4 "Repetition" (Chosen by Cindy)
Portraits and Repetition (from Lectures in America) Gertrude Stein 1935
5 "Translation" (Chosen by Kyla)
On Translation Minae Mizumura 2018
6 "Writing as Image" (Chosen by Nick)
In Defense of the Poor Image Hito Steyerl 2009
Mirtha Dermisache and the Limits of Language (optional) Will Fenstermaker 2018
7 "Affordance"
Once Again, The Doorknob: On Affordance, Forgiveness and Ambiguity in Human Computer and Human Robot Interaction Olia Lialina 2018
8 "GUI"
Black Gooey Universe American Artist 2018
9 "Feedback"
The Poetry of Feedback Jasper Bernes 2017