Programming as Writing

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1 Tues, Sept 4 Introduction
Hosting and domain name
Guest: Christoph Knoth




Finish setting up your own website. By next week, decide on a domain. Put something on it, can be basic. Be ready to tell why you chose your domain. How is it connected to interests of yours? Does it seem to invite any particular type of ideas?

2 Tues, Sept 11 Writing with HTML




A little bird told me, “Hyperlinks are the oxygen of the web.” How many links can you make in one writing (poem, prose, manifesto, etc.)? Can you create a writing that transmits a feeling of unknowable depths? Whatever you make, make sure to emphasize what’s important about HTML (links) and anything else you think is unique or important. You can use CSS if you want, but please do so minimally. This project is about HTML.

3 Tues, Sept 18 Writing with CSS




Take what you made last week and translate it. Translate it into another medium that can be displayed on a webpage. Last week was focused around words that link, so consider what would happen if you translate your poem into: colors, images, gifs, sounds, videos, etc. that also link. Can you treat these new visual units like grammar, like words? Consider formal qualities like repetition, rhythm, pacing, etc. This project is related to CSS, so use some in your project. Remember that CSS is good for providing style to HTML, and Vvsual properties like color, positioning, scale, etc. can all be modified with CSS.

4 Tues, Sept 25 Cancelled
5 Tues, Oct 2 Writing with JavaScript & jQuery 1




Based on your list of grocery list of interests we did in the constrained writing, make a writing that presents some randomization of your interests. It can be simple. Use JavaScript & jQuery.

6 Tues, Oct 9 Writing with JavaScript & jQuery 2
Guest: Harm van den Dorpel


"Writing as Image"


This week, create and present a new word. Or create and present a new phrase or idiom. Or feel free to do both. Use JavaScript & jQuery somehow.

Consider your word's context and purpose. Maybe it's a name for something or someone. (And maybe it will even grow into a generic trademark like Google or Kleenex...)

Then, one more layer, to make things exciting: I would like you to consider your word or phrase on a meta-level in addition to surface-level. So, you will come up with one word or phrase, and this is what will be displayed to the user, on the surface. But please also create another level of writing happening under the surface or to the side, the metadata. (Likely "metadata" means the code in this case, but you can consider metadata in other ways too.)

7 Tues, Oct 16 Writing with PHP with Tim Ripper 1


8 Tues, Oct 23 Writing with PHP with Tim Ripper 2



9 Tues, Oct 30 Writing with PHP with Tim Ripper 3



10 Tues, Nov 6 Writing with & within Kirby CMS 1
11 Tues, Nov 13 Writing with & within Kirby CMS 2
Meeting individually


For next class, focus on your reading / performance. See below for the specifications. Please come prepared with an intention for your reading / performance with any supporting visual sketches. If you would like to present in somewhere other than the atrium, please also let us know this so that we can best accommodate you and make the day's schedule flow well.


Your reading / performance:

  • Happens in the atrium, unless you have a specific space requirement

  • Maximum 10 minutes

  • Should consider how programming has or could play a role in your work. For example, you could use a website as tool for creating the work, as a projected background or ambient piece during the reading / performance, as a documentation tool, etc. There are many possible uses.

~ November Recess ~
12 Tues, Nov 27 Meeting in small groups    
13 Tues, Dec 4 Poetry readings / performances    
14 Tues, Dec 11 Anthology due